Instructions for connecting the Sound Blaster Audigy/X-Fi Harness Cable Version 2.0:

NOTICE: This cable and manual are provided as-is, and I cannot be held responsible for any damages to your property or data. This is a modification and as such you are responsible for verifying that the wiring is correct for your sound card and case and connecting the wires properly. This can be done with the system on or off, but for safety I recommend doing it while the system is off.

Important: Be very gentle with the connectors. The type of connector Creative Labs chose to use for this port is very fragile. Never pull a connector out by pulling the wires–pull by the plug, using pliers if necessary. No return or replacement for damaged cables as a result of improper handling.

Plug the white connector into the flat 10-pin connector on your Sound Blaster card. It may be either black or white and is not usually labeled and often faces the side of the computer along with the internal audio plugs.

Then plug the black connector into the 2x5 audio connector in your case. It should be keyed to only fit one way, but if not, pin 1 is usually a red wire on the case connector and an orange wire on the adapter. Pin 1 is also marked with an arrow on the adapter.

Notes: Normal computer cases use the opposite switching logic to OEM cases for which the Sound Blaster 10-pin port was designed. As such, you must disable the "Automatically mute speakers when headphones are detected" option in Audio Console or AudioHQ in your Control Panel. Otherwise, you may find that your speakers are always muted, or that they are always muted except when headphones are plugged in.

If you are unable to hear mono sounds, or if they sound muffled, ensure that you have your speakers set to 2.0 or 2.1 mode. If surround sound is enabled, virtually no sound will come from the left and right channels, and all the sound will come from the center speaker which is not connected to your headphones.


Wiring Diagrams