Sound Blaster 10-pin Front I/O Port


Case Front Audio Port

Help & Support

Q: I need to contact you with a question or concern.
A: Please read through this page and the manual first. If your question isn't already answered, there are several ways to reach us:

E-mail: Harness .at. GadgetScope.com (munged, please replace with an @)

Snail mail: X-Tap.com, 435 W. Butterfield Rd, Elmhurst, IL 60126

Q: My speakers don't work when the cable is connected!
A: This is because the Sound Blaster expects a short circuit when the headphones are plugged in, but most cases short circuit when the headphones are unplugged. To correct the problem, disable the "Automatically mute speakers when headphones are detected" option in Audio Console or AudioHQ in your Control Panel.

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Q: What is the maximum order?
A: When ordering through this site, your maximum order is 10 of each style of cable. However, you can absolutely order more than that if you would like! Simply contact us with your special order.

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